Januar 22, 2017

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Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization using the Scrapler & Squeezler toolkit

The Scrapler & Squeezler Myofascial Toolkit consists of two high quality treatment tools made from anodized aluminum. The fascial tools are used to provide ergonomic relief and support for the fascia treatment by the therapist:

  • Acute myofascial pain
  • Disfunction of myofascial tissues
  • Tissue tightness and scarring of the fascia
  • Movement restrictions

Scrapler & Squeezler support the fascia therapy and, when used properly, relieve pain and help regulate the metabolism and tonus of the fascia. Adhesions can be loosened by the Scrapler & Squeezler and tissues  rehydrated.


  • The Scrapler and the Squeezler are both produced using high quality material.
  • This ensures that both tools can be stored and cleaned in the same way
  • The alloy is solid, rustproof and antimagnetic.
  • There has been no evidence of allergic reactions to the material.
  • Scrapler and Squeezler can be easily cleaned and disinfected using steam or UV-Irradiation
  • Unlike instruments which are made of non-metallic materials (PVC), the material used for Scrapler and Squeezler will not wear with age. Thus the tools cannot break and cause injury.
Technical specifications

Length: 20 cm

Width: 20 cm

Height: 6 cm

Weight: 543 g

Material: aluminum with anodized surface finish
country of origin: Germany
Medical device: Yes
CE marking: Yes

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